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Ben Hogan

Touchlink was designed with that in mind. One of the key results is a function that allows the golfer to easily record golf shots by club, by distance by date in a matter a few seconds. And review those shots, preferably, on the large screen of a desktop computer. After all we are all trying to place a 1.68 inch golf ball in a 4.25 inch hole, often times in excess of 500 yards away. In order to do that, placement of a shot is more strategic than the distance the ball is hit and particularly off of the tee box. Recording the distances that each club, on average, is hit over a number of rounds played to get to the green, will allow you and a Teaching Pro to analyze the best club(s) to use on a given hole.

    Easy to navigate with simple menus

    Saves scorecards and recorded shots

  • Easily find many courses near you

Other cool stuff you can do

  • Features zoom-to-green function
  • On-course and off-course toggles for practice
  • Tracks your current position
  • Review and analyze round data with desktop view
  • Make Tee Time reservation from the app
  • Help screens
  • Save and review Score Cards
  • Pace of play tracking

  • "With all my experience as a former playing member of the LPGA and love of the game of golf, I have an extensive network of friends, coaches, and players that spread throughout the world. I believe that TouchLink will get a lot of excitement, I am ecstatic about it and am not a fan of most new products that are out there for golf."
    - Taya Battistella, Playing and Teaching Professional